Monday, September 15, 2008

I am here!

Hey! finally I am here! my papa created my site!
to write all bout me...only about me!

You know just a month back (July) I celebrated my 5th birthday! @ Cyprus - what a lovely day it was! (I understand... I will show all my presents soon...)

Previous year it was in India. Got ya! i am an Indian girl.

see my self portrait

I scribble lot on paper with multiple colors - people are calling it as painting.
It looks good to me... ( if these scribbling give enjoy and little meaning that becomes 'art' my dad says). I like and enjoy painting - actually i love to do it on walls (of my house) but, i was not allowed to do so... i don't know why?

I will show some of my works:

1) Dentist

i am coloring the same:

(can u see me?)

I finished:

I did plenty of paintings, my dad collects all of them keep them in a file (he also writes the date, even on back side of my photo prints my dad writes the dad, place, occasion etc. )

He always takes pictures of me, almost every week & month we will have photo session at our home. Let me share some of my pictures in coming days.